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We arrange sampling from related suppliers as per buyers` designs, sketches etc. Also, when required, we can provide the samples and designs from our suppliers.

Obtain Best Prices

One of our main goal is to obtain the most realistic prices for our buyers with our own experience of the cost structure in the country

Allocation to suppliers

We select suppliers, which are capable of delivering garments according to the overseas buyers’ requirements. To ensure this, we consider suppliers’ experience and past performance and financial strength. We analyze information from all global network to judge the correct source of supply, country wise and factory wise.

Fabric Source

We check and guide suppliers to ensure the proper source of fabric which can deliver in time, good quality fabric of desired weight, construction and colour fastness etc.

Quality control

When the order places to a supplier, we are on top of the order to secure the right quality and on time delivery by everyday controls with inline and final inspection by our own and with our inspectors, or by well known audit companies.

Shipments of goods

We also supervise the shipments and transports to ensure the goods are shipped on time and will arrive to its destination as planned.